CertainTeed Products | Affordable RoofingWe use only CertainTeed products. CertainTeed is the #1 rated shingle manufacturer. They have been in business for over 100 years. CertainTeed is an innovator in the shingle industry.

For example, CertainTeed has developed a 1 1/2″ nailtrack system for shingles. Blue chalk lines 1 1/2″ apart make it easy to nail in place every time. Other shingle manufacturers have only a 3/8″ nailing area. This makes it difficult for the shingle installer to nail the shingle in the right place. When the nails are installed outside the nail area, the shingles can flap in high winds and tear off.



Another innovation CertainTeed is known for is its shingle sealant. CertainTeed shingles adhere and seal to your roof better than other brands. CertainTeed uses a softer sealant on the back of its shingles which allows the shingles to adhere to each other almost immediately. Other shingle manufacturers use a harder sealant. This can result in the shingles not adhering to each other for as long as 6 months. This can also result in the shingles flapping in high winds and blowing off. Once again, if you do not have a written workmanship warranty from the installer, you may not be covered.

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That is just a brief description as to why we only carry CertainTeed products. Please find below a few of CertainTeed products and a brief description of each.

Luxury ShinglesUnique Patterns, High Definition, Heavy Weight, and 3 Layer Construction
Landmark ShinglesClassic Shades, Standard Weight, and 2 Layer Construction
WinterguardEmbedded Sand and Enhanced Traction
Winterguard HTHigh Tack, Skid Resistant, and Used for Low Slope Roof
Shinglefelt I5Utility Grade and Resists Wrinkling
Diamond DeckSynthetic and Water Resistant
Swift StartMaximum Performance and Sealant Strip
Shadow Ridge+HipHigh Definition, Versatile, and Sealant Strip


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